Registrare un marchio internazionale

On the basis of an application or registration of an Italian national trademark it is possible, with a single administrative procedure by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), to register the same trademark in the 89 Madrid Union countries (Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol). The Madrid system is based on the cooperation between the National Offices of the Contracting Countries (called "Offices of Origin") and the International Office holding the international register of trademarks. The main advantage consists of the presentation of a single international application, in a single language, through the payment of a single series of fees and according to a single series of deadlines. Even the maintenance and/or renewal of the registration, and any annotations and transcriptions, take place through a single procedure.
It is important to highlight that, if one or more states refuse the registration of the international trademark, this remains effective in the other designated states where there were no objections.

Modes of filing the application
The registration application for international trademarks can be filed:

  • on the basis of a previous registration for a national trademark (as required by the Madrid Agreement), or
  • on an application for registration of a national trademark with reservation of subsequent registration (as provided by the Madrid Protocol).

Some amendments to the Common Regulations under the Madrid Agreement and relative Protocol have sanctioned the prevalence of the Protocol system over that of the Agreement (the so-called "safeguard clause"); it follows that, since presently only Algeria belongs to the Agreement, the international rule application is based on the national registration application.

The international registration is obtained by filing at the Camera di Commercio (Chamber of Commerce):

  • an application drawn in € 16.00 stamp
  • WIPO form in duplicate (2 originals), completed in the language (English or French) of the form chosen according to the criteria listed below. If the application concerns:
    - the designation of Algeria alone, which adheres only to the Agreement: use form MM1 for the filing
    - the designation of countries adhering only to the Protocol and/or to the Agreement plus Protocol: use form MM2 for the filing
    - the designation of Algeria, together with other countries adhering to the Agreement and/or to the Protocol: use form MM3 for the filing
  • power of attorney or letter of appointment stamped or reference to other already submitted to Office, accompanied by receipt of payment of € 34.00 to be carried out exclusively through the use of F24 if there is a representative for the submission of the application; alternatively, it is possible to self-certify the quality of the representative according to standards in force, notwithstanding the payment of the provided fee
  • receipt of payment of the government licence fee of € 135.00 to be carried out exclusively through the use of F24.
  • receipt of payment of the following international fees in favour of WIPO/OMPI, if not having an open current account with the same (amounts in Swiss francs)

Basic fee:

  • if the trademark reproduction is not in colour CHF 653
  • if the trademark reproduction is in colour CHF 903
  • for each class beyond the third CHF 100

International applications for the Countries adhering to the Madrid Agreement:

  • for each designated country CHF 100

International applications for the Countries adhering to the Madrid Protocol:

For all information necessary for the registration of an international trademark:


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