Registrare un marchio comunitario

The EUTM is a trademark registered with EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) with office in Alicante (Spain), in compliance with the conditions established in the regulations on EUTMs. It is valid throughout the EU territory: it is impossible to limit the geographic scope of protection only to certain member states. So much so that, at each successive enlargement of the EU, each registered EUTM or for which a registration application has been submitted, is automatically extended to the new member states without the need to deal with formalities or pay additional taxes.

Like any trademark, the EUTM must also meet certain requirements such as novelty, distinctiveness, legality, etc. (see art. 7 of EU Regulation no. 2015/2424) that shall be such in all EU countries and in all relative official languages.

The system provides a simplified registration procedure consisting of:

  • a single application
  • a single procedural language
  • a single administrative centre
  • a single file to be managed
  • a single fee to be paid: 850 Euro for electronic filing (e-filing) or 1,000 Euro in the case of filing the application in paper format (in either case: for the second class of goods and services a 50 Euro fee is due, if the application refers to  more than two classes of products and services, a 150 Euro fee is due for each additional class).

If not explicitly requested, a novelty examination by EUIPO is not provided, while there is an opposition procedure. Should a EUTM application be refused, it is possible to request its conversion in single national applications in countries where there are no impediments to its registration. In this case, for the novelty of the trademark, the date of the European filing or of the claimed priority will apply. 

The EUTM is valid for ten years and can be renewed indefinitely for a further ten years.

All information necessary for the registration of a EUTM is available, in Italian too, at the following address:


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