Perché registrare un marchio

Why register a trademark

The protection of a trademark can also be obtained through use. However, it is recommend to register a trademark with the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (IPTO) as in doing so, greater protection is obtained, particularly in the case of disputes or conflicts with other subjects.

An asset to be protected
A registered trademark attributes exclusive rights that prevent the unauthorised use of the same trademark or of a similar trademark, by other companies.

By not registering the trademark there is a risk of jeopardising investments made to promote the sale of a product/service, as the competitor company may adopt a similar trademark, confusing consumers that may head for its products/services rather than to those of the original supplier. Which, as well as decreasing the profits of the latter company, risks damaging its reputation and image, particularly if the competitor's product is of inferior quality.

A resource to enhance
A trademark chosen and built with care has, in itself, a commercial value. The industrial property of the trademark not only covers a defensive function, but it can be monetised, meaning transformed according to a business oriented approach. In this perspective, the trademark constitutes a capital and may be subject to commercial exploitation through the granting of licences, of exclusivity contracts, through merchandising and sponsorship. It can also be used to access new sources of financing, such as traditional financial tools (mortgages, leasing, etc.) or structured solutions, specifically tailored to the company needs (e.g. securitisations of licensing contracts).


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