Subsidies for encouraging the registration of international trademarks through the purchase of specialist services

Micro, small and medium-sized firms with their registered and operating office in Italy which are the holders of a national or EU registered trademark, including following acquisition from third parties, or have already filed a registration application for a national or EU trademark at the application filing date may request the subsidy.

Purposes of the subsidy/admissible costs
The firm may request the subsidy for expenses sustained for:

  • designing a new national trademark
  • priority searches and assistance after filing
  • assistance for the acquisition of a national trademark application or registration
  • assistance for trademark license transfer in the countries designated for extension
  • WIPO application and registration fees.

Amount of the subsidy
The subsidy may normally cover 80% of the admissible costs effectively sustained. The maximum amount which may be granted for each registration application filed with the WIPO is:

  • Euro 4,000 for designation of a single country
  • Euro 5,000 for designation of two or more countries.

If the designation is for Russia or China, the subsidy may cover up to 90% of the admissible costs effectively sustained, and the maximum amounts for each application will also be raised to:

  • Euro 5,000 if the single country designated is Russia or China
  • Euro 6,000 if Russia or China is designated with one or more other countries.

The subsidy may be granted up to a maximum value of Euro 15,000 per firm (also including any requests relating to measure A).

Filing of the application
In order to access the subsidy, it is necessary to fill out the on line form (through which a protocol number to be indicated on the application is assigned), prepare the application with the respective annexes and send it within 5 days of the protocol assignment date:

  • by certified e-mail (PEC) to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.
  • via registered letter with return receipt to: Retecamerescrl, via Valadier 42 - 00193 Roma.

The application may not be delivered by hand.
The resources are assigned through an assessment procedure, according to the chronological order of the protocol number.

Disbursement of the subsidies
The subsidy is disbursed directly by Unioncamere into the bank current account indicated by the beneficiary company within 45 days of the communication that the subsidy has been granted.

Learn more
For more information, contact Unioncamere at:
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