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The incentives to companies activated by national, European and regional funds, constitute an essential tool for Companies, facilitating and encouraging investments in innovation, development, new technologies and in Industrial Property securities in general, the end result of inventive and research activity.

Thus, it is strategically important to give companies access to a tool that can facilitate and guide them in the research, verification and examination of opportunities offered by the different institutions and bodies; that is easy to consult, and highlights the applications for loans for areas of interest or intervention: innovation, technological development and transformation of research work in Industrial Property securities. 
The aim is therefore to guide companies towards economic measures (incentives or financing) which are essential in boosting economic development and investment in intangible assets at a time of difficult access to credit.

The section contains different applications, set out by geographic area of reference and arranged according to a chronological criteria (imminent expiry of the application): for each application, a quick explanatory abstract, the official text, as well as references of the promoters.

The information is updated fortnightly in order to promptly present all the opportunities on the market.

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