I numeri della PI

The Italian Patent and Trademark Office (IPTO) (L’Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi -UIBM) is the central structure in Italy for managing and protecting industrial property rights. The IPTO sets up all of the necessary services for filing and registering trademarks, patents, designs, utility models and new plant varieties in the Italian territory, and their possible extension abroad.

Below the results achieved in 2012.

Registrations in Italy

31,180 new trademarks have been registered (plus 17,242 renewals) and 1,696 designs and models, as well as patents for 5,317 industrial inventions and 2,155 utility models. In addition, 46 Supplementary protection certificates for medicinals and plant protection products have been granted.

Registration abroad

Trademarks - The Office has carried out all preparatory activities for the examination of international registration applications concerning 2,042 registration applications for international trademarks, as well as the examination of 219 subsequent designations, 3,010 registration applications for international trademarks designating Italy, 1,002 renewals and relative follow-ups (surveys, refusals and communications to the World Intellectual Property Organisation - WIPO). With regard to the Community trademarks, the Office has processed a total of 123 practices, including registration applications sent to the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) and conversion applications for Community trademarks into national trademarks.

Patents - The Office took care of the reception and administrative examination of 26,305 applications for the validation of European patents already granted for which national recognition is requested. It took care of the reception, administrative examination and transmission to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and to the European Patent Office (EPO) of 375 applications for international patents filed in Italy pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

Designs and models - 8,307 Community designs and models have been registered, a number that has placed Italy (with 14.6% of the total) in second place in Europe, behind Germany, with France and Great Britain representing each a number of designs and models equal to just above half of the Italian ones.

Board of Appeals
21 Appeals and 16 verdicts were filed, 4 of which have involved trademarks, 11 inventions (4 of which the Italian part of the European patent), 1 transcription.


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