Formazione universitaria

To improve the spread of knowledge among university students on the subject of industrial property, the DGLC-UIBM promotes targeted information and training initiatives at the universities concerned. For this purpose:

• specific guidelines have been drafted for adding additional content on intellectual property to science faculty syllabuses. The rationale behind such a move is to ensure that students studying for a science degree receive adequate intellectual property and technology transfer teaching which covers the legal, technical and economic-management aspects. The final document, which proposes consistent solutions compatible with the existing teaching arrangements, has been submitted for the attention of the universities which, each acting independently, can adopt the proposal within their own scientific faculties
• a course was organised to educate and broaden the qualifications of professionals capable of understanding and mastering the main aspects - economic/managerial, technological, legal and social - relating to the protection and enhancement of the results achieved by innovation and knowledge, whether it be in the private or public sector. The 40-hour course was attended by 40 staff from universities, public research institutes and private organisations and consisted of five days of lectures, individual and group work, case analyses and teacher/learner discussions
• five seminars were held to promulgate the concept of intellectual property and technology transfer within universities, organisations and businesses. Each one was extremely well attended and great interest was shown by the participants.




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