Piccoli e grandi inventori crescono

The "Piccoli e grandi inventori crescono" ("All inventors, great and small, are growing") project was first conceived as part of the education and awareness-raising programme for schools on the issue of industrial property. Launched in 2004, the scheme was the first of its kind to attempt to instil a more informed approach to scientific knowledge and patenting practices in young people.
By putting an integrated programme of activities (classroom teaching, work groups, workshops, "new idea" competitions etc.) into action, the project offers schools the benefit of new teaching content of great educational value. This is because it underlines the importance of propagating and promoting the values of innovation and intellectual property and stresses the need to step up the fight against counterfeiting by preventing it in the first place.
Over the course of the years the educational programme was put into practice: the way of carrying out the individual activities has been overhauled and is now more effective: as opposed to the initial seminar-based approach, the project is now structured into workshops which give youngsters the opportunity to try new ways of investigating, experimenting and showing their creative sides.
Themed seminars for Italian secondary school pupils (14-19 year olds) were added to the 2010-11 programme to highlight the tools used to protect industrial property, teach about complex types of adulterated or counterfeit products and examine the new technology that is being increasingly used to manufacture counterfeit goods. Specific teaching topics were prepared to that end, e.g. the role that design plays in boosting the competitiveness of businesses, the value of trademarks, and the importance of fighting against counterfeiting and piracy. Students in their final year were also given a short presentation on higher education options and professions linked to the development and propagation of intellectual property rights.
Below is a list of the most significant numbers for all the previous years.

• School Year 2004/2005 - No. of teaching activities carried out: 28 Total no. of student participants: 725
• School Year 2006/2007 - No. of teaching activities carried out: 51 Total no. of student participants: 1508
• School Year 2007/2008 - No. of teaching activities carried out: 48 Total no. of student participants: 1747
• School Year 2009/2010 - No. of teaching activities carried out: 55 Total no. of student participants: 1100
• School Year 2010/2011 - No. of teaching activities carried out: 42 Total no. of student participants: 1082


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