Application awards

Micro, small and medium-sized firms with their registered and operating office in Italy which, starting from 1 January, 2011, have filed an application for registration of industrial models/designs, single or multiple.

Purposes of the subsidy
The awards are granted to increase the number of registration applications for national, EU and international industrial models/designs.

Amount of the subsidy
The award is established with reference to the countries in which the registration application is filed, according to the following criteria:

  • application for registration of a model/design in Italy: Euro 1,000
  • application for registration of model/design in an EU country: Euro 1,000
  • application for registration of an model/design in a non-EU country:

- in one non-EU country: Euro 1,500
- from one to five non-EU countries: total award of Euro 3,000
- in more than five non-EU countries: total award of Euro 4,000
- additional bonus for registration applications filed in the USA: Euro 1,500
- additional bonus for registration applications filed in the China: Euro 1,500.
These awards for filing applications to register a single model/design in non-EU countries are cumulative. The awards for filing applications for up to three different industrial models/designs, single or multiple, in non-EU countries, are also cumulative, provided that they are in three different classes, as identified in the Locarno Agreement.

Filing of the application
The firm interested in filing an application for the award must register on the website, providing its own identification details. Following registration, credentials are obtained (login and password) which allow it to proceed with the application for the award, by filling out the on line form.
When the firm is certain that it has all the required data (possession of the requirements for access to the procedure, any certified e-mail address; the document certifying that the registration application in pdf format for the model/design has been filed and also a description of it; indication of the award being requested; details of the bank current account in which to receive it), it sends this information. At this point, it will automatically be assigned a protocol number, which entitles the firm to book the award or subsidy being requested.
The firm then has 15 days to print out a summary of the data it has provided, including the protocol number, and send it to Fondazione Valore Italia, via certified e-mail or registered letter with return receipt, attaching the following documents:

  • statutory declaration on the size of the firm; compliance with regulations on minimum aid; non-existence of the reasons for exclusion from the award
  • certificate of registration in the Register of Companies containing the anti-Mafia clause
  • up-to-date single certificate of payment of contributions (DURC)
  • privacy disclaimer.

The awards and subsidies are cumulative: the firm may therefore file an application for both the award and the subsidy, registering only once. A different protocol number is assigned for each application filed.

Initial examination and disbursement of the subsidies
Fondazione Valore Italia performs an initial examination of the applications in the chronological order in which they are received. The initial examination serves to check that the requirements and conditions of admissibility exist. If they do not, Fondazione Valore Italia rejects the application and informs the firm concerned, via certified e-mail or registered letter with return receipt; otherwise, it informs the firm, using the same methods, that the award has been granted and pays the relative amounts to the bank current account indicated within 30 days.

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