Incentives for maximising the economic value of patents

The subsidies may be requested by micro, small and medium-sized firms, even newly incorporated, which have their registered and operating office in Italy, and which meet the following requirements:

  • hold one or more patents
  • one or more patent applications, which they must present/document, already filed
  • search report with a negative result (in the case of a national application filed with the UIBM)
  • or a request for a substantive examination filed with the EPO (if an application for a European patent is being filed)
  • or a request for a substantive examination filed with the WIPO (if an application for an international PCT is being filed)
  • have an option on use or a preliminary license purchase or acquisition agreement for one or more patents, including with foreign holders.

Amount of the subsidy
The maximum value of the subsidy is Euro 70,000 for the purchase of specialist services, which cannot be 80% higher than the admissible costs and is disbursed defined as the minimum amount.

Purposes of the subsidy/admissible costs
Different types of services are admissible, including:

  • industrialisation and engineering (specialist services, aimed at production planning, prototyping, engineering, production tests, certification of products and processes)
  • organisation and development (organisational planning, IT governance, studies and analyses for launching new products, studies and analyses for development of new markets)
  • technology transfer (proof of concept, technological due diligence, preparation of patent license transfer agreements, preparation of confidentiality agreements).

The subsidies are not granted for:

  • specialist services purchased, even partially, on a date prior to the application filing date
  • specialist services provided by directors, stakeholders and employees of the beneficiary company or their relatives and by companies whose stakeholders include stakeholders or directors of the beneficiary firms or their relatives.

The firm may file an application for access to the subsidies relating to several patents connected with each other (group of patents), provided that they are linked by a single strategy for the maximisation of economic value.

Filing of the application
In order to access the subsidy, it is necessary to fill out the on line form available at After that, a protocol number will be assigned, which must be indicated on all subsequent communications). The project plan must then be printed, signed and sent within 30 days of assignment of the protocol number:

  • by certified e-mail (PEC) to: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.


  • via registered letter with return receipt to: Invitalia - Via Pietro Boccanelli, 30 – 00138 Rome - Patents+ Office

Applications for subsidies delivered in a different way will not be examined, including delivery by hand or sending via non-certified e-mail.
Failure to send the documentation within the indicated terms will lead to the application being turned down.
The project plan must indicate how the services requested are relevant to achievement of tangible and measurable results for maximising the economic value of the patent and therefore be divided into:
1. Master data section
2. Presentation of the firm
3. Description of the subject of the patent with indication of the status of the patenting procedure
4. Description of the objectives of maximising the economic value of the patent idea
5. Required specialist services plan
6. Expected results.

Assessment criteria
The project plan presented is assessed according to the chronological order of receipt via ICT.
In addition to formal assessment of the conditions of access to the subsidies, the assessment also includes an examination of merit, taking into account the following criteria:

  • credibility of the strategy for maximising the economic value of the patent
  • relevance of the services requested
  • correspondence between the profile of the suppliers chosen and the specialist services requested
  • correspondence of the cost of the specialist services requested with the nature of the services and the suppliers' profile.

The assessment procedure includes a meeting with the firm to examine all the aspects of the project plan in detail.

Disbursement methods
The relationship between the beneficiary firm and Invitalia is governed by an agreement for admission to the subsidies.
Disbursement is made in two instalments:

  • a first instalment between 30% and 50% of the subsidy granted, which may be disbursed, on the firm's choice, with two alternative methods:
  • as an advance on presenting the bank guarantee or insurance policy securing the amount requested, or
  • as a state-of-progress report (SAL), in which case the firm must demonstrate, through appropriate documentation, that it has used specialist services in a percentage equal to the contribution requested
  • a second instalment disbursed on conclusion of the project plan and after monitoring at the firm's registered office.

The service plan must be completed within 18 months of the contract signing date.
All disbursement requests are subject to technical and administrative control.

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