Damage to the general public

Counterfeiting not only damages the production system, the image of Italian-made products and the economy, but also has negative repercussions on the lives of individuals and families, in terms of social security, risks for heath and reduction of employment opportunities, etc. Less counterfeiting = more quality, greater warranties, longer-lasting products Purchasing a product at an extremely low price may seem like a good deal, but it is almost always an indicator of poor quality; to save a few Euro, you end up buying a product which is worth much less than what you pay for it, does not last long and has no warranties, meaning it is not refundable.

Less counterfeiting = less health risks 
Counterfeit products may pose a serious risk to the health of their users, since they are manufactured without complying with any safety regulations: think of foods, pharmaceuticals, toys and car spare parts, but also clothing, optical goods or cosmetics. A toy or an electrical appliance which does not satisfy the necessary standards, a drug which does not contain the active substance, a malfunctioning spare part and a garment dyed or tanned using toxic products can cause serious harm to the purchaser and their loved ones. Health should always be more important than the illusion of saving money.

Less counterfeiting = more employment  
The counterfeiting industry causes a high level of social damage and affects employment, since it often uses child labour or the poorest and neediest people, who are employed "illegally", without complying with health and social security regulations: without counterfeiting, over 100 thousand extra jobs would be created.

Less counterfeiting = more social security  
Counterfeiting assists organised crime: the revenues obtained from the counterfeiting market (second only to those obtained from the drugs market) are reinvested in other illegal activities, such as illegal building, drugs, arms trafficking, etc.

Less counterfeiting = more social services 
A counterfeit product deprives the community of resources. Manufacturers of counterfeit goods do not pay VAT or other income taxes; these goods are also marketed through parallel circuits to the conventional channels, with total evasion of direct and indirect taxes. This leads to lost revenues for the State coffers totalling billions of Euro, which could be used to reduce taxes and increase social services.



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