Education - Educational meetings

The Directorate-General for the Fight against Counterfeiting-UIBM, in order to promote maximisation of the value of intangible assets as a competitive mechanism for firms, periodically organises or supports, in collaboration with territorial or sector associations and chambers of commerce, events on protection of Industrial Property (IP) rights and the fight against counterfeiting. These meetings, which may be educational or simply informative, are aimed at the national production network and deal with issues such as Italian and EU regulations on these aspects, specific incentives supporting firms, the means of protecting IP rights and fighting counterfeiting at national and international level.


• “The real task is fighting counterfeiting”
The fight against counterfeiting and protection of industrial property rights require a complex strategy in which the actions to fight this phenomenon are accompanied by firms' awareness of the means at their disposal for protecting themselves against illegal activities or unfair competition. The Directorate-General for the Fight against Counterfeiting-UIBM of the Economic Development Ministry and Confindustria are organising a cycle of 15 seminars in Italy, at the Confindustria Associations, to increase awareness of these topics among firms, through educational and information activities. Speakers from the Ministry will participate in each seminar, meeting with firms to discuss their requirements and the priorities of the national production system and to explain the various means of support placed at their disposal by the Administration for the protection of industrial property rights.

• “Increasing awareness to maximise the value of industrial property rights”
In December, 2012, the DGLC-UIBM signed an agreement with Invitalia, the National Agency for inward investment promotion and enterprise development, called “Promotional activities to increase awareness and maximise the value of industrial property rights”, aimed at communication, information and territorial activities on the topics of protection and maximisation of value of IP, as a means of increasing competitiveness of small and medium sized firms and preventing counterfeiting. It is also planned to organise 35 workshops throughout Italy, with one-to-one meetings with firms and preliminary pre-diagnosis activities on industrial property requirements.



• 16 - 20 April 2012. Road-show at the offices of SMI, ACIMIT, UNINDUSTRIA, CONFINDUSTRIA Ancona and FEDERLEGNO. Topic: “Protection of Intellectual Property in China”.
• 21 May 2012. Conference at the Bergamo Chamber of Commerce. Topic: “Protection of Intellectual Property in Brazil”.
• 27 November 2012. Seminar at the Campobasso Chamber of Commerce. Topic: "Protection of intellectual property for firms in China and Russia"



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