The DGLC for firms

The Directorate-General for the Fight against Counterfeiting-UIBM offers firms various services and means of defending themselves against counterfeiting:

• Anti-counterfeiting direct line
• Initiative against Italian Sounding
• Legal assistance on industrial property rights and anti-counterfeiting initiatives for firms intending to internationalise;

The Directorate-General also:
• monitors falsification methods constantly, in order to ensure anti-counterfeiting methods are continually revised and for the formulation of new proposed regulations and adaptation of existing ones
• promotes studies and surveys aimed at increasing awareness of the phenomenon, its perception, distribution and presence throughout the country
• organises educational seminars and meetings on the means of protecting IP rights and fighting counterfeiting, at national and international level, on specific incentives supporting firms, etc.
• supports and participates in awareness and information campaigns, in collaboration with institutions, local agencies and business associations
• collaborates with law enforcement agencies by notifying abuses and infractions damaging firms
• arranges round tables with business and trade associations to discuss the firms' requirements and, on this basis, establish the activities needed to assist them.




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