Firms and counterfeiting

The fight against counterfeiting is a cornerstone of policies supporting enterprise. Their ability to innovate and be competitive is supported by the fight against infringement of industrial property rights. 

Firms themselves must naturally be the driving force of this process, protecting their intangibles in precisely the same way as they protect their tangibles. Awareness of industrial property rights and their concrete application by firms is therefore the first line of defence against the damage caused by counterfeiting

Beyond this first line of defence, which is vital to prevention, the law provides various mechanisms of protection (administrative, legal, criminal, customs, etc.) to safeguard their rights.  

The DGLC-UIBM provides firms with operating services and means to defend themselves against counterfeiting, also collecting the petitions filed by firms with the organisations and institutions which form the system of the fight against counterfeiting: law enforcement, the enforcement agencies, business associations, the courts, industrial property consultants, central and local public administrations.



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