The general public and counterfeiting

Consumers are both victims and accomplices of counterfeiting: accomplices when they deliberately seek and purchase counterfeit products, to satisfy a need for status or a contingent need by spending a small amount; victims when they unknowingly purchase counterfeit products, exposing themselves to unintended consequences. For the psychological and social experience of purchasers of counterfeit goods, see the results of the surveys conducted by the DGLC-UIBM with consumers.

The general public/consumers should be aware that:

• anyone purchasing counterfeit goods risks an administrative fine up to Euro 7,000, as well as confiscation of the goods, pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 7, of Decree Law 35/2005.

• purchasing counterfeited goods, knowingly or unknowingly, exposes them to a series of risks, the most serious of which relate to their personal health and safety.

The best defence against counterfeiting is awareness in making purchases and following several simple rules, such as, for example, using authorised dealers or always reading labels carefully. Anyone who is a victim or witnesses an episode of counterfeiting can also contact the Directorate-General for the fight against counterfeiting-UIBM or the authorities responsible for fighting this activity.


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