Banche dati

DGLC UIBM databases are available in this section to:

  • research trademarks, inventions, utility models and other Industrial Property titles
  • gather information and statistics concerning
    - the industrial property system
    - counterfeiting and activities to counter the phenomenon
  • consult Official bulletins.

National deposits of IP titles
The national database collects information concerning submitted applications, so you can research patents, trademarks, designs and other Industrial Property titles.

Trademark Bulletin
This section is dedicated to the official Trademark Bulletin, starting July 2011.

CCP-CCPF Bulletins
This section is dedicated to the  Bollettino dei Certificati Complementari di Protezione (CCP - Supplementary Protection Certificate Bulletin) and the Bollettino dei Certificati Complementari di Protezione Fitosanitari (CCPF - Supplementary Phytosanitary Protection Certificate Bulletin), starting with October 2006.

IPERICO (Intellectual Property - Elaborated Report of the Investigation on Counterfeiting) is a database concerning the activities carried out against counterfeiting in Italy: it lists the number of seizures, the quantity and the type of products seized, estimates of the average value of counterfeited items and their distribution on the national territory, starting from 2008.

TMview is a free easy-to-use multi-language online consultation tool to look up the trademarks of all the official Trademark Offices that are part of the system. It provides detailed information on denomination, graphic reproduction, legal status, lists of products and services etc. The data can be accessed via a centralised system and each Office is responsible for their update.

Patiris is an online repository that aims at becoming a permanent observatory on the patenting of Italian Universities and public Research Centres in order to promote and facilitate the transfer of research results to the market. Patiris provides in fact quick access to the patenting of Italian Universities and public Research Centres thanks to a system that combines official sources and a contribution section.

Bio-technological inventions and Life Sciences
The national database lists the industrial invention patent applications deposited starting from 1 July 2008 under the Bio-technological or Life Sciences category. The information enables the creation of specific statistics and the carrying out of research by year, IPC class and province.

List of pharmaceutical patents not covered by a supplementary protection certificate
This section lists the pharmaceutical patents not covered by a supplementary protection certificate based on the information provided by the owners of the patents themselves


International organisation database
It should be noted that the databases supplied by the international organisations are also available online.





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