Direzione Generale

The DGLC-UIBM provides micro, small and medium sized firms intending to internationalise with a free information service, performed with the collaboration of voluntary experts registered with the professional association of industrial property consultants, on protection of industrial property rights in China, Russia and Brazil.

Users can access the service by booking an appointment with the consultants, indicating the topic of interest, or by sending the query if they do not intend to request an appointment. The following form must be filled out, both to make an appointment and to submit a query, and sent to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. E' necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. . The service administration office will schedule an appointment and inform the user or send the answers to the queries.

Meetings are held from 14:00 to16:00 at the Public Enquiry Centre, at the Rome office in Via Molise 19, and last a maximum of thirty minutes. Service users may not use the service more than once for each topic (invention, model, design, trademark).

It should be noted that the experts are required to comply with the professional secrecy requirements indicated in art. 206 of the Industrial Property Code and may not use or disclose the information and data they learn during performance of their activities. No direct relationship of professional assistance will be created between the experts and the users and the information provided by the experts may not lead to their professional liability.


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