Direzione Generale

The Directorate General for the fight against counterfeiting under the Ministry of economic development operates nationally and internationally to:

  • support the fight against counterfeiting, through         

  - the definition and implementation of policies and strategies for the fight against counterfeiting     
  - awareness and information campaigns directed at consumers and firms     
  - assistance and support for citizens and firms     
  - implementation and management of counterfeiting databases     
  - liaison and coordination with the competent authorities, including abroad 

  • increasing awareness and use of Industrial Property rights, through  

- the definition and implementation of policies and strategies for promotion of Industrial Property     
- initiatives to protect and maximise the value of Industrial Property rights (trademarks, patents, designs and models) at national, European and international level     
- management of databases and disclosure of patent information     
- liaison and coordination with the competent national and international agencies.

The Directorate-General has been operating since 1 January, 2009, as a result of DPR no. 197 of 28 November, 2008, but received a new impulse from the “Development Law” (Law no. 99 of 23 July, 2009), aimed at investing to boost the Italian economy, also including measures to guarantee "more protection for Industrial Property and Made in Italy by strengthening the fight against counterfeiting”.




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