Registrare all'estero


The international registration of designs and models makes it possible to obtain protection in every country belonging to the Hague System (governed by the Hague Act of 1960 and by the Geneva Act of 1999) through a single application, in a single language, at WIPO, the World Intellectual Property Organisation with registered offices in Geneva.

International registration provides the same effect as a registration made directly in each member state, with the condition that protection is refused if it is in violation of national legislation.
Unlike the international trademark system, it is not necessary to register a national design or model beforehand. Also, with a single application, it is possible to request protection for up to a maximum of 100 designs or models ("multiple models") as long as they belong to the same international design and model classification class.
International registration simplifies further management of the industrial designs and models, as any later amendments or renewals of the registration can be made through a simple single procedure at WIPO offices.

To obtain registration, is it necessary to submit a single application, completed in one of the official languages (English or French) on prepared forms, to the WIPO offices in Geneva or at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office in via Molise 19 – 00187 Rome, and paying a single fee in Swiss Francs.
The application form must include:

  • bank order or international money order as proof of payment to WIPO in Geneva, of the due international fees, based on the number of designs and models that require protection, on the number of countries where protection is requested and the type of requested publication
  • letter of appointment, only and exclusively if the registration is made by an agent/legal representative.

To have the latest information on how to submit an application, on the payment of fees and on the registration procedure, visit the WIPO website.


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