La vita di un disegno o un modello


Has a change been made with respect to what was filed? For example, has the owner company of the design or model changed its name or legal form? It is necessary to report the changes or additions to be made, so that all information is correctly reported on the official documents of public domain.

Changes may be requested by the owner of the design or model, which must correspond to what is reported on the national register of designs and models. It is necessary to make sure that everything is in order. Thus, in the event of more than one change, it is necessary to make sure that all previous changes have been reported in the register and that there is no discontinuity, otherwise all the steps must be repeated (and registered).

If the owner of the design or model so wishes, he/she can appoint an agent, meaning a person to represent him/her, choosing a subject in the Register of consultants in industrial property or a lawyer.

To record any changes in ownership of the industrial property rights, submit a transcription request. For master data changes relating to the industrial property owner (for example, changes of the name and/or domicile of the owner of the right or of his/her representative) or for acts of waivers or limitation, submit an annotation request. 



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