Cos’è un disegno o un modello

Companies often dedicate considerable time and resources to improving their products' ability to attract. New and original designs and models are created to:

  • develop in the product aspects that make it attractive with respect to specific market segments. Slight changes to the appearance of certain types of products, such as a watch, can make them more suitable to different age groups or cultures or to different social groups. Even if the main function of a watch is always the same, it is evident, for example, that children and adults have different likings
  • creating a "niche" for the market In a market based on competitiveness, many companies try to create their own space through original designs and models that allow their new products to differentiate themselves from those of their competitors. This applies both to objects of a contained value such as locks, shoes, cups and plates, and to potentially expensive objects such as jewellery, computers and cars
  • strengthening the company's business image. Often original designs and models are associated with distinctive trademarks in order to strengthen the company's visual identity. Many companies have successfully created or modified their market image thanks to the special care taken in designing certain products.

A design or a model adds value to a certain product, it makes it more attractive to the consumer's eyes and, sometimes, it may be the main reason for its success. This is why the protection of designs and models should always be a key element in the business strategy of any designer or entrepreneur.

An asset to be protected

A resource to enhance


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