Io Sono Originale

"I Am Original" is an initiative promoted by the Directorate-General for the Fight against Counterfeiting-UIBM. It is aimed at the National User and Consumer Associations listed in art. 137 of Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, no. 206 (CNCU) and has the objective of actively involving citizen-consumers in the fight against counterfeiting by informing them about Intellectual Property.

There are 3 lines of action:

Investigations and Handbooks:

  • Two investigations that will analyse the perception of IP and the counterfeiting phenomenon diversifying the target between young and adult consumers;
  • Nine handbooks on various product categories (clothing and sports footwear-farm&food-furnishing and design-ceramics-goldsmithery and jewellery-footwear-eyewear-leather goods) to inform and advise consumers;

Activation of local info points and local presence:

  • Five local Info Points (Turin-Venice-Rome-Naples-Bari and Catania) and one virtual Info Point dedicated to spreading information on the risks and damage caused by counterfeited products and promoting the protection of IP and the fight against the fake product problem;
  • Media campaign and organisation of 20 events/days dedicated to the counterfeiting issue and to safeguarding health and safety in consumption.
  • Creation of a Newsletter (12 issues published every two months dedicated to the various activities organised)

Design and production of a dedicated virtual system:

  • audiovisuals on the risks deriving from the counterfeiting of 14 product categories.
  • dedicated digital platform (website);
  • theme video game with a prize competition;
  • interactive section through Social Networks;
  • 2 mobile apps;

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