Disegni e Modelli

The design or model is relevant for a wide range of products in industry, fashion and handicraft: from technical or medical tools to watches, jewellery and other luxury goods; from household accessories, toys, furniture and electrical appliances, to cars and architectural structures; from textile designs to sport items. The designs or models are also important for the packaging and market launch of a certain product.
In everyday language, the expression "design" (two-dimensional) or "model" (three-dimensional) is normally used to indicate the appearance and function of a certain product. For example, it is said that an armchair has a good design when its appearance is liked, it has a nice shape and it's comfortable. In business language, to design a product means developing its aesthetic and functional features in light of elements such as marketability, production costs or ease of transport, storage, maintenance and recycling.
Whereas, from an industrial property rights point of view, the expression design or model uniquely refers to aesthetic or decorative aspects of a product (in the example of the armchair, only to its appearance) and not to its technical or functional features.

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