Brevettare all'estero

The Community Plant Variety Office (CPVO) currently located in Angers (France), has been operating since 1995. It is an EU agency responsible for examining and granting the plant variety rights valid in all 27 EU countries.
The requirements provided for by EEC Regulation 2100/92 for a plant variety protection at Community level, are the same as provided by Italian law. The instructions for filing a right application and the forms are available on the CPVO website.
The related fees currently in force are:

  • application fee: 900 Euro
  • examination fee: from 1,020 Euro to a maximum of 1,220 Euro, depending on the variety to be protected
  • annual maintenance fee of the Community right: 200 Euro starting from 2006.
    The Community right lasts until the twenty-fifth year following granting of the right and up to the thirtieth year in the case of vine varieties or tree species.
    The protection applications for a plant variety can be sent directly to:

UCVV 3 Blvd Marèchal Foch,

BP 62141 49021,


or filed with the IPTO which will submit them to the Community Office of Angers.



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