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Any change on the economic use of a patent (sale or purchase, transfer or acquisition of a licence, partial or total) must be registered.
If the patent has not been published yet, the registration will not be possible; likewise, if an application refers to different patents, some of which are not yet published, the registration will not be possible until all involved patents are published. However, if there is a property transfer, it is important to report it as soon as possible.
The request to change the ownership of a patent can be made by one of the parties involved, from the old or from the new owner of the patent. Obviously, the patent owner stated in the sales contract must be the same previously recorded in the register. It is necessary to make sure that all is in order. So, if the patent has been repeatedly sold, it is necessary to make sure that all previous owners have been reported in the register and that there is no discontinuity, otherwise all previous steps must be reconstructed (and registered).
If so wished, both parties can appoint an agent, meaning a person to represent him. It can be a subject registered in the Professional Association of Industrial Property Consultants, a lawyer or other with domicile and office in a member state of the EU. The designation of an agent is required when the applicant resides or is domiciled in a different state from those of the EU.
To record any change in ownership of a patent, partial or total, submit a specific  transcription request, with all documents certifying the transfer attached to it: for example, documentation of payment between the parties of the patent rights, any translation of the deeds, a copy of the contract signed by the parties in the case of sale or public auction draft in the case of auction, a copy of the licence contract signed by the two parties or of the contract signed by the patent owner and the creditor in the case of constitution of a right of lien or business bond.



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