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There are various reasons why it may be necessary for a company to economically evaluate the patent: licensing, M&A, sale or purchase of intangible assets or collection of capital and accounting factors.
There is no unique way suitable for all circumstances to evaluate patents; those commonly used are:

  • the income method: most widespread method of evaluation of the patents based on income flows that the patent owner should obtain during the life-span of the same
  • the cost method: establishes the value of the patent calculating the cost that the company has borne to develop the product or the cost it should bare to acquire the patent externally
  • the market method: based on the value of comparative transactions made on the market
  • the method on the option: based on the method initially developed for value attribution to certain derivatives on company shares listed on the markets.

The IPTO has created a system of assessment called the Economic and Financial Assessment Grid of Patents aimed at measuring the creation of value within a company and on the market deriving from the exploitation of the patented technology. The system has been created in collaboration with the operators involved in the innovation process: Confindustria, Italian Banking Association (ABI), Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI), National Research Council (CNC), Industrial Design Association (ADI), Professional Association of Industrial Property Consultants.
An e-learning training course has also been provided to facilitate use of the assessment Grid


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