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The life of a patent does not stop with its granting. On the contrary, it has just started.
The patents for an invention are protected against authorised use for a period of 20 years (10 years for utility models) starting from the date of their filing. Rights for new plant varieties are protected for 20 years starting from the date of granting, but only as long as the maintenance rights are duly paid and, during this period, no request for invalidity or revocation is accepted.
In the same period, the owner of the patent or of the right can initiate all actions to protect its exclusive rights.
But if this refers to the legal life of a patent, the commercial or economic life of the same provides the possibility of granting licences, of selling and other forms of exploitation, that the owner of the right must regularly notify; even if the covered technology becomes obsolete, it if cannot be marketed or if the product involved does not find success on the market, the owner of the patent may decide not to renew it, leaving it to lose its validity before the end of the protection and leaving it free from constraints of production and marketing by third parties.
In short, any change during the life of a patent must be traced, according to defined methods and procedures.


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