Invenzioni e modelli di utilità

New inventions implying an inventive activity and capable of having an industrial application can be subject to patent. Practically, the simple intuitions or ideas without any concrete implementation, are not considered inventions and, therefore, are not patentable. For example: the simple demonstration that hydrogen is a source of energy is a non patentable discovery, on the other hand the application of such a discovery to create an engine that produces energy using hydrogen is patentable.

The same principles apply to utility models that must be new and original and have particular effectiveness or ease of application or of use.

The following are not considered inventions:

  • discoveries, scientific theories and mathematical methods
  • methods for surgical, therapeutic treatment or diagnosis of the human or animal body (despite the products, the substances or the mixtures of substances for the implementation of such methods being patentable)
  • plans, principles and methods for intellectual activities, for fun or for commercial activities
  • computer programs (software), protected in Italy by copyright;
  • presentation of information
  • animal breeds and the essentially biological processes to obtain them, unless they are microbiological process or products obtained through these procedures.

It is also evident that the following cannot be the subject of protection by patent:

  • aesthetic creations
  • schemes, rules and methods for performing intellectual acts
  • discovery of substances available in nature
  • inventions contrary to public order or to good conduct for the protection of health, of the environment, and of human and animal life, to preservation of biodiversity and prevention of serious environmental damages.

The patent application is rejected if:

  • the object is without the afore-said requirements
  • the object falls under the expressly prohibited cases and/or excluded from patentability
  • the description is not sufficiently clear and/or complete


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