Cos'è nuova varietà vegetale

A plant variety means a plant grouping within a single botanical taxon of the lowest known degree, as long as the plant differs from all others and shows the same characteristics compared to the other examples of the same species.
In order for an exclusivity right to be requested, the plant variety must have the following requirements of:

  • novelty: the variety is deemed new when, at the date of filing the application, the vegetative reproduction or propagation material, or a product for the collection of the variety has not been marketed in the national territory for over a year and, in the case of trees and vines, for over four years in any other State
  • homogeneity: the variety is deemed homogeneous when it is sufficiently uniform in its relevant and applicable characteristics
  • distinction: the variety is deemed distinct when it clearly distinguishes itself from any other variety the existence of which is, at time of filing the application, of common knowledge

stability: the variety is deemed stable when the relevant and applicable characteristics remain unchanged after subsequent reproductions or propagations.


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